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Handguns, as the name suggests, are guns which can be held and shot with one hand; they are the most popular set of firearms which are more effective in close range combat and close cornered combats because of their compactness and firm gripping, and most importantly, they could be shot in rapid succession at different directions: great for defensive and excellent in offensive attacks. In the world today, handguns are now used in various places, not only by the security bodies but by normal citizens for home defenses, it is also used by attendants in shops, malls and bars to repel robbers and other people who might want to cause trouble. This set of firearms is 100% concealable and this also enhances its usefulness, they have soft recoil which makes it more comfortable for both men and women to use. Our store offers top quality handguns for various purposes; the likes of airsoft pistols, revolvers and semi-automatic pistols are in stock for all our buyers to buy with no paper work nor federal firearm license.



Handguns differ from one another, in qualities, cartridge, recoil and also, the method of shooting each of them. Generally the recoil are often light for handguns that has a low size cartridge and light attachments, on the other hand, there are some selections of handguns that, when shot, they cause massive damage and immense penetration on the target. These set of handguns has slightly bigger calibers which make them effective in causing damage; in fact, they are considered the best sidearm when it comes to hunting. These guns are all available at our online store, the likes of guns like Glock pistols, Beretta Pistols, revolvers and other semi-automatic pistols are sold in our store at affordable prices. We will always welcome you all day, we promote the best shooting interests of our buyers and we make things comfortable for them by overriding the need for personal identifications or Federal Firearm Licenses.


This is a semiautomatic pistol with a common 9mm caliber size. Beretta models are one of the best pistols widely used in the armed forces. Its medial size makes it easily concealable, this model is of two categories, it has a polymer and metal frame, either of this type of frame is chosen to balance the shooter’s level of maintenance, the gun has dual action styles, both striker action and hammer actions. The impact of Beretta models is capable of penetrating tougher targets and incapacitating them. It is suitable for competitions and also perfect for home defenses.

There are various models of Beretta pistols available at our store, both new models and latter versions of Beretta pistols in the likes of: 92X Full Size, 92X compact W/Rail, 92 Compact, 92 Centurion, 92X Performance, M9A3, APX Carry FDE, APX Carry Wolf Grey, APX Carry ODG,Px4 Storm Carry, M9A3 Black, APX Carry Black, 92G Elite LTT Centurion, 92 Elite LTT Compact, 92G Elite LTT, Px4 Storm Full, Px4 Storm Compact, Px4 Storm SubCompact. All these and many others are the type of Beretta pistols we have in stock for our buyers. The Beretta handgun has range of 100m, meanwhile, its full impact and effectiveness in firing range is 50 m. This handgun has a 15 round magazine as well as a 17 round box magazine. Other attachable Beretta magazines are available at our store, these are: 10, 15, 17, 18, 20 and the highest round which is 30 round magazines.

Our handguns are all excellent, they are reliable and maintenance is smooth, we are here for you, our services is always available, no paper work is required, you just have to purchase your firearms and you are good to go. Visit our online store now and browse for the suitable handguns and ammunition you’ve been craving for. We guarantee best and durable firearms.

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